Fake Movie Friday: Yellow #9

I can’t wait until I get to 2 years. Finally all my hard work will mean for something. Granted the something is a small sense of personal accomplishment and not the great feeling that comes with the knowledge that people read these. Cause no one does. Title from Tigs, who puts the Thomas in my Tank Engine.

Yellow #9

We open on a montage of animal testing. Mice, dogs, and Chimps being fed food with some chemical additive. A man in a suit comes in and tells the scientist they are ready to move on with the production plans. The scientist tries to resist but the man tells him they have seen no adverse effects in any of the animals. The scientist gives in and gets back to work. The camera pans around to the cages of the animals and one of the mice begins to twitch violently.

We cut to a middle school. Ben, is being picked on by a group of older students. He escapes and joins a chubby friend of his, Troy. Troy keeps the mood light to try and cheer Ben up. They head to the cafeteria where a crowd is gathered. They approach and find them surrounding a new drink machine. In bright bold yellow letters is the name Zzzap. Everyone is pushing and shoving to get at it. It’s bright yellow and everyone is loving it.

Days go buy and the students are filled with energy but otherwise acting normal. Everyone is gearing up for the big dance that Friday. Ben nervously approaches Annie, a girl he likes but it cut off by one of his tormentors. The bully, Jeff, asks her to the dance and she accepts.

The dance begins and everyone is on edge. A group of girls sneak downstairs away from everyone else and find a dead body. The body looks like it was torn apart. The adults gather everyone in one area as they try and figure out what happen. All of a sudden some students start to shake violently like the mouse. They’re hands elongate a bit and their mouths grow. They begin attacking the ones not changing. Ben, Troy, Annie, and a few others escape and barricade themselves in the cafeteria.

Everyone is freaking out. They argue about what is happening and Ben suggests that maybe it was the Zzzap. Some laugh at him but they soon realize that none of them ever tasted it. A group of infected busts through a back door they missed and the group is separated. Ben, Troy, and Annie run off together towards the basement. They believe they are safe. They start talking about how they need to keep the other students from escaping the school. Troy suggests that they do something to the gas system. They realize they need to get back to the cafeteria in order to blow up the school.

They make their way there and are attacked by Jeff. Ben fights him off, killing him with a fire extinguisher. They make it to the cafeteria and turn on the gas. They realize that they are trapped. Troy says sorry and admits he tried some Zzzap once. He is changing slowly but says he is still in control. He tells Ben and Annie to follow him. He fights off the others and they make their way to an exit. Troy pushes them out and says goodbye. He turns back to continue the fight. Annie drags Ben away and they run off with the school exploding behind them.  They fall to the ground and she takes his hand. She smiles at him.


The End.