Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Curley Sue’s Last Stand

Title from Tigs, clearly he nailed it in one. He also made the typo, which I am keeping and making it a part of the plot.

Curley Sue’s Last Stand

James Curley, an older man, sits outside his cabin in the woods. A fancy Cadillac pulls down the dirt road and a man in a suit exits. The well-dressed man addresses him as Sue. James has really curly hair and has always been referred to as Curley Sue. He asks Sue if he had time to look over the mining company’s proposal to buy his land. Sue point over to the side of the house at his wood chipper littered with white pieces of paper. The man shakes his head and tells him it was a generous offer. Sue says he agrees and tells the man to get off his land.

Later that night Sue sits at his table with his two sons. Charles and Chris are trying to get his dad to sell the land. Sue only complains that they didn’t bring their wives and children to dinner with them. They say their kids aren’t interested in having dinner with their grandfather. Sue looks annoyed and tells them to leave.

As they are heading out a truck full of men pull up. They threaten the family but leave when Sue reveals his shotgun. His sons complain that this isn’t safe. They really think he should take the money and move somewhere nicer. Sue tells them that money isn’t the point, and he’s exactly where he wants to be.

Sue wakes up that night to a strange sound. He turns the corner down the hallway and his hit from behind. The group of men from before beat him a bit. One of them laughs and pulls out scissors. He cuts off a great deal of Sue’s hair before leaving.

Sue picks himself up and finishes the job. He shaves his head and heads to his car, still bloody. He drives down to the local sheriff’s office. Everyone knows him and want to know if he’s alright and what happened. He tells them he’s he to report a crime and they ask who attacked him. He says he’s not here to talk about what happened to him. He’s there to warn them that they’ll want to come for him in 24 hours. They are too shocked to do anything as he turns and goes to his car.

Arriving at home he heads to the basement and opens a closet of guns, grenades, and knives. We cut to the offices of the mining company the next day. A group of them are coming in for work and find the body of the man who shaved Sue’s head, dead in an office chair. Behind him written in paint is “My Name is James Fucking Curley.”

The group drives over to his home where chaos erupts, A car triggers and explosion. Sue starts firing at the others and ends up killing them all. The final one he actually beats to death. He heads around his house by a large beautiful tree. Behind it is the grave of his wife. He sits by it as the sirens start to come near. The Sheriff and others arrive and he is put in the back of a car. His sons arrive and he yells out the window towards them. This is our house.

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