Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Thieves in the Night

I started this on my phone earlier and accidentally deleted it. Trust me, the original opening was beautiful. Title from Tigs! It’s been a while since I’ve written one this long. Sorry.

Thieves in the Night

A young boy sets up a pair of binoculars on his windowsill. He’s watching a cornfield across the street. The wind blows the stalks aside and he sees a shadow in them. He gets scared but looks again and this time there is no wind but they continue to move as if something is traveling through them. He jumps over to his bed hiding as he hears the creaking of wood outside his window. He rolls out of bed to hid under it trying to get his flashlight on until something grabs him and pulls him out. He tries to scream but a strange shadowy hand covers his mouth.

A phone rings admit assorted rubbage, beer cans and food containers. A older man wakes up out of a chair and answers. The voice on the phone addresses him as Chief Duggan and tells him he is needed at the Crowley’s place. Apparently young Toby is missing. He heads off to a closet and retrieves a gun from a fancy pin pad safe, and then bullets from a lock box.

He arrives at the Crowleys to find the mother in tears and the father standoffish. He doesn’t seem to like that Duggan is there and some watching bystanders also don’t seem to particularly like Duggan. He looks around the child’s room until he find scratch marks under the bed. A attractive young female deputy, Marsh, tells him that the mayor called and wants them in his office immediately. Upon leaving we hear the crowd mention whispers about Duggan’s daughter.

Mayor Reynolds is clean cut to the point of douche and tells Duggan that this needs to be quiet. They don’t need a big scene about this and it should be treated as a run away case. Reynolds reminds Duggan that he’s out soon anyway and doesn’t need more attention on him and kids after the incident with his daughter.

Duggan is driving Marsh home and she attempts to console him a bit telling him not to worry. She knows that what happened with his daughter was an accident and though preventable he’s shown a great deal of remorse and has kept his gun safer since. At this mention of the event he gets upset and kicks her out of the car and ends the conversation.

Duggan heads home. He puts unloads his gun and puts it back in the safe and the bullets in the lockbox. He heads down the hall to a very secure basement door and heads downstairs. We cut to another child’s bedroom and another attack happens. This time faster and with the child not knowing something was even coming for them.

Marsh gets a call from the mayor to check this one out alone. She worries that this definitely isn’t a case of runaways though the mayor is insistent. She calls Duggan and tells him she’ll be checking the woods by the houses that have missing children for anything strange. Maybe if they are running away they are hiding out or something. She heads off and ends up finding a cave with an assortment of bones and torn clothes. She finds the carcass of some strange animal that resembles some of what we’ve seen but it has been long dead. It was shot, very professionally and she then notices a bag with the Chief’s daughters name on it.

Marsh heads off to Duggan’s place to question him about it. He acts strange and starts telling her that his daughter didn’t die from a gun accident in the home. She was attacked by something. He tracked it down and killed it but it was too late. He decided to cover it up. All the while as he explains this he moves to unlock the basement. He then tells Marsh that luckily his daughter came back. She comes out of the basement, the creature we’ve been seeing. She was changed and needed to feed on the young. Duggan has been training her to hunt and getting ready for them to move towns and she’s needed food for the trip. We see clips of the previous attacks from their perspective as he helps her break into the bedrooms.

Marsh struggles in a fight against the creature and succeeds in shooting in. Duggan screams in pain about how Marsh has taken his daughter from him again. He lights his house on fire and goes to attack her. Marsh shoots him as well and heads out of the house as other authorities arrive. She leaves a lot of the details out of it and lets the fire take care of it. She is allowed to head home after they check up on her and it told to make sure she cleans her bandages. We cut to the next morning and she checks on her wounds that we now she are bites and scratches from the daughter and looking up in the mirror we see she is changing.

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