Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Ice Cream Socialite

Title from Tigs after he gave me a couple Fate of The Furious flavored ones. I don’t think I’m ready to open that can of worms so here we go instead.

Ice Cream Socialite

Clarissa wakes up in her fancy NYC park side penthouse. Her older husband is already in a suit ready to head to work. He tells her that he will be out of town for a day or two. They have a discussion that borders on argument that they have clearly done before about how she is bored but he doesn’t want her to work. We get the sense that she has bigger ideas and dreams. She heads out to the park and runs into a huge line of people at an ice cream cart.

She comes around to the front of the line to find Ben. A young attractive man who makes his own ice cream. People seem to be in love with his healthy flavors and also his charm. She ends up watching his cart all day as the line hardly wavers. She approaches him and learns about his past. He actually attended a fancy culinary school but likes the simpler life better. She tells him she wants to help him open a store but he seems uninterested. She gives him her number.

Later that night she gets a call from him inviting her out. She follows his direction and ends up on a roof. There are dozens of other cooks making different new hip creations. Ben explains to her that everyone there deserves a fortune for their talent, but that isn’t what they are about. They love what they do and want to stay focused on the food and the customers. If she can promise him that then he’ll agree to go into business with her.

Her husband returns acting a bit weird but she is more excited about her plan. He agrees to run things by his business guy and lawyer. She wants to be more involved that he makes it seem she will be. He tells her not to worry and hurries out the door. Clarissa and Ben have a meeting about ideas and seem to be on the same page. They are starting to get a bit flirtier. He tells he received some contracts and she tells him that they are normal stuff and to sign them.

Her husband returns home and seems excited. He tells her that her idea really paid off and they were able to sell the ice cream shop rights for a huge profit. Ben had a lot of buzz and it made more sense to sell off to a larger corporation. She gets very upset and goes to find Ben. He is of course furious. He has to hand over his recipes as well as the name of his cart, which was something clever. He’s mad at her and tells her to leave. She ruined his life.

Clarissa heads to her husbands office to confront him but finds him getting blown by his secretary. She is livid and divorces him getting a huge settlement. She tries to talk to Ben again but he won’t listen. He gets a mysterious invite to what he thought was an empty lot. Upon arrival he finds all of his friends working fancy carts and trucks in a permanent food garden sort of thing. Everyone seems happy and excited to see him. He walks around it until he finds a long line. The line leads to a truck that says a fun reference to some joke him and Clarissa had that I’m too tired to think of. She is at the front serving ice cream that she made. She tells him that she did this all for him and she’s sorry. They kiss and the crowd cheers.

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