Fake Movie Friday: Parallel

So in a strange twist this week I thought of a film idea BEFORE a title! Crazy right? Usually this means I have a big idea that doesn’t actually translate to paper that well and by the end of it I am ashamed.


Movie starts as an office door flies open as a couple burst through kissing. He gets the blinds as she begins to undress. He picks her up onto the desk. Voice over-“That’s not me.” The camera pulls back outside the building into a window of a neighboring office building as a man sits getting yelled at, “That’s me.”

We follow him, Dan, through his day as he talks about his shitty life. His friends don’t really like him, he’s attracted but afraid of a girl at work, his boss is a prick, and his apartment is crap. He heads to the roof of his building and stands on the ledge. There’s a storm rolling in and we hear the thunder. He doesn’t jump but before turning around the roof is hit by lighting and he blacks out.

He wakes up groggy and discovers himself in a fancy apartment in a huge bed. Next to him lies the chick from work. She acts like nothing is wrong. He is confused but goes about his day. He drives a fancy car and is the boss at work. He fires he boss from his previous life and is happy.

He goes about his week though we have seen a mysterious figure following him. One night heading to his car. The figure attacks and kidnaps him. He wakes up in a basement, tied up. The person introduces himself as Agent Crisp. He says he’s been following him and knows he doesn’t belong here. Dan tries to convince him that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Crisp explains that the public wasn’t suppose to know about the multiple universes and crossing over is strictly forbidden. He demands to know how Dan crossed. Dan says he doesn’t know and Crisp kills him.

Dan wakes again though this time in the gutter. He’s homeless and lives outside his old work. His old boss, yells at him about sleeping around the building and leaving him alone, he fired him years ago. The woman, also outside, laughs. Dan tries to get on with his new life but is attacked again by Crisp. Crisp is confused having killed the illegal Dan in another universe. Dan once again says he doesn’t know what is happening, but Crisp kills him.

Dan wakes again in another, this cycle happens a ton, each time his life is a bit different, each time Crisp kills him. In one he wakes up in a dojo inspired bedroom realizing he is a martial artist. He gets excited at the prospect of being able to defend himself again Crisp, but upon opening the door is shot in the face.

He wakes in another world where his life is close to his original though he is with the girl. He heads to work and gets her, running off. He tries to explain whats been going on. She doesn’t believe him until they are attacked by Crisp. They race to the top of his apartment for some reason and Crisp corners them. Dan yells how he didn’t do anything, that he came up here to jump in his world but didn’t. Crisp says he doesn’t care, so Dan attacks him and tackles him off the roof. On the way down, Dan smiles.

He wakes up on the roof, his clothes a bit burnt. He realizes this is his universe and runs to work. His boss is about to give him shit for being late, and he quits. He runs over to the girls desk and asks her out. She smiles saying she was wondering when he would. He walks out happy.

The End


One thought on “Fake Movie Friday: Parallel

  1. Tigs says:

    Hahaha, its like ground hog day meets the matrix meets looper meets brewster’s millions (not really). Mostly though, Agent Crisp makes me hungry. Excellent work sir.

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