Fake Movie Friday: Monks on High

Tigs gave me this title last week. It was pretty great but that Arthur Tribb one NEEDED to be written immediately. I’m pretty exhausted waiting for my last meeting to arrive so who knows how this will turn out.

Monks on High

Movie starts with a montage of a young drug dealer named Rick delivering weed. At his last stop he feels something is off and realizes it is a set up. He runs from the police. He stops at home and grabs a few clones.

He decides he needs to get out of the city and is driving into the mountains. It’s super late and pouring but he doesn’t see anything in sight. He hears a low singing which he follows and finds a abbey filled with Benedictine Monks. He knocks on the door and they bring him in from the rain.

He wakes the next morning to find them all up and around praying and farming. He sees their huge crops realizing the soil has been blah blah blah. He decides to join the monks for a bit to lay low and for a place to grow his weed. Among the monks there is a younger monk who tries to get him to be friends, a fat monk who is a complete idiot, a older monk who is weird, and finally the head monk who doesn’t trust him.

He begins growing his plants and trying to fit in. Montage with all sorts of funny moments as his plants are now HUGE. He tries some out and gets stupidly high. He giggles all through their services and a whole load of other hijinks happen. The fat monk finds the weed and decides to cook with it. As the monks descend from their mountain to sell their crops it kicks in and they have a crazy trip into the city.

Rick has a run in with some cops but they are too busy being confused by the high monks. Back at the abbey Rick is confronted by the head monk who has found the plants. He yells at him and tries to banish him but the other monks stick up for him. They had fun and they don’t think he did anything wrong.

The head monk leaves to get the cops. They return but Rick has left. The cops don’t find all the plants, but the story of the high monks spreads and Rick’s old boss goes to find out whats going on. His men attack the abbey to steal the weed. Rick comes and saves all the monks, fighting of the gang.

They embrace him and he stays with them. The movie ends with a gigantic field of weed and the monks harvesting it. Out front is a medical marijuana hut where the monks help the sick with free medical weed.

The End.


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  1. Tigs says:

    What about clones?!?!??!!?!?

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