Fake Movie Friday: No One Sleeps in the City

It’s been a long 3 weeks in a row where I haven’t gotten a title from Tigs. Frankly I think he was sad about it. I promised him this week that I would come straight to him for a title and as always he delivers

No One Sleeps in the City

Movie opens with on screen texts recounting the 100th Monkey Phenomenon. How monkeys on one island learned a skill and the same species across the ocean on another island mysteriously learned it. Evolution jumps. We then see a montage of New Yorkers partying all night, working through the night and basically being out 24 hours a day.

We stop at a bus driver, Craig, on his route early one morning. He heads home to get only 2 hours of sleep before his daughter wakes up and needs help getting ready for school. He’s exhausted again that night when he arrives at work. His boss speaks him to about showing up tired. He tries to explain about how his daughter needs him, his wife died, his mother helps but has been sick. His boss doesn’t care and tells him he can’t live without sleep.

He heads home that night and is daughter is awake. She had a nightmare and can’t sleep. He stays up with her, not sleeping at all. The next night he notices some weird things happening along his route. People are out and around. The people on his bus are talking about how they can’t sleep. He gets home and his daughter is up again scared. She is saying that she can’t sleep.

They stay up together as the morning news starts talking about the phenomenon. They are getting reports from across the city that no one has slept. It’s a funny story at the time, but as the days slip by no one sleeps. Businesses start freaking out since there are people up at all times. People want to shop, eat, and visit places 24/7. The police force is having trouble keeping up with the new all day schedule and food is starting to be consumed at an alarming rate with people wanting 2 new meals.

The city starts to collapse as food runs scarce and people no longer sleeping spreads out from the city. People start rioting and looting for food. People are being robbed and attacked. Craig does his best to look after his daughter. They have to fight to protect themselves; they have to fight for food. This new evolution has spread even further. Anarchy starts to reign. People start dying of starvation.

Craig takes his daughter into the bus and tries to get them out of the city. They need food and there is none in the city. After a couple of interesting action pieces that I am too tired to write about now they finally get out of the city. Craig and his daughter make it out and start to try to and find food out in the country. They travel a bit and continue to starve.

Craig goes out and hunts. He is able to catch a rabbit and goes to bring it to his daughter. She is lying motionless with her eyes closed. He starts to panic but composes himself. He only says “you did, you fell asleep.” Craig just lays down next to her saying he’ll try one more time to sleep too as the camera fades out.