Fake Movie Friday: Parallel II

Every time I have a Friday off I forget about Fake Movie Friday. Even though my plan when I woke up was to beat Saints Row and then write a film. Now I’m pressed for time AND THAT UNHELPFUL A-HOLE Tigs isn’t currently on Gchat to give me a title. I guess I’ll write the companion film to Parallel. You will not understand this movie without reading Parallel.

Parallel II

The movie opens with the ending of Parallel. Dan is on the roof trying to plead his case to Agent Crisp. Dan tackles him off the building and we see Dan’s smile. The camera pauses and rewinds a bit and we see Crisp wake up in a bed. Next to him is a woman who kisses him and gets up calling him Kyle. Kyle sits up and we see a wedding ring on his finger.

Kyle gets up and heads to work. He’s happy and seems nothing like the Crisp we know. He gets home that night but no one is there. He seems worried and makes some calls before the house phone rings. The film goes silent as he breaks down. We cut to his wife’s funeral.

An unknown time later he has clearly not been doing well. Someone in a suit approaches him; the man introduces himself as Agent Crisp. He offers Kyle a job. Working for his agency that tracks down people who cross dimensions. Kyle is not interested and doesn’t believe him. Crisp tells him if he does this he’ll be moved to another dimension where his wife will be alive. Crisp warns him though that not doing his job comes with consequences.

Kyle accepts and becomes Agent Crisp. He awakes in a universe where his wife is alive and there life is even better. Things are going great until he gets a call regarding an anomaly. He tracks it down to find Dan. He kills Dan and continues on with his life. He wakes the next morning though in a different bed. His wife is there but things are different, a bit worse off. He gets a call saying he failed.

He tracks down Dan again, killing him. He awakes though in another bed with his life worse off again. He gets the same call and tries to explain it was the same guy and he doesn’t know how he is doing it. We go through a similar montage as Parallel as Crisp continuously kills Dan and his life gets worse and worse.

Finally he awakes in a universe where his wife is in a coma. He tries to contact his bosses and wants to quit but they won’t let him, Dan is still out there. He tracks down Dan the final time on the roof. The same scene plays out with Dan tackling him off the roof and we see Dan smile. The camera pauses again but flips around and we see Crisp/Kyle smiling as well. We hear him whisper, “I’m coming Sharon” (that’s his wife’s name by the way). The camera fades out with him dead on the pavement.

The End.