Fake Movie Friday: The Last Time I Talked to Harry

Hey party people! Back to asking Tigs for suggestions and writing this at work because I am super bored. I have an idea for the frame of this film but have no clue where it is actually going. Hopefully it works out.

The Last Time I Talked to Harry

Paul wakes up in a haze. It’s late at night and his roommate Harry sits at the end of his bed. Harry starts talking about how he lost his job earlier that day and how thinks aren’t going great for him. Paul tries to respond but Harry walks out without a word as Paul falls back asleep.

Paul wakes the next day and heads to Harry’s room. In the bed is a naked woman. She says that last night Harry said he was a film director. She gets mad as Paul explains to her the situation and she leaves annoyed. As she walks out the door there is a man in a suit in the hallway. He asks for Harry. Paul tells him he is not in and the man tells him that it would be in Harry’s best interest to call Mr. Torelli.

Paul heads to work and tries calling Harry on the way, who does not answer.  Upon arriving at work a woman screams at the site of him and runs away. His boss comes out and tells him that his roommate Harry had called them and told them he was dead. Paul heads to where Harry used to work and figure out what is going on. Harry’s boss has a bandage on his nose and looks pissed. He says the last time he talked to Harry, he told him and won the lottery and could shove this job before punching him in the face. Paul leaves but not before Harry’s boss’ secretary says the last time she talked to Harry he said he will come back for her when he gets the money and take her away.

Upon getting to his car Paul his attack by the man in the suit and another well dressed man. He awakes in a basement tied to a chair. Mr Torelli questions him saying that he loaned Harry a lot of money. The last time he talked to Harry, it was said that he had the money to pay him back and that Paul would know about it. Paul is confused and is trying to explain that the last time he talked to Harry none of this was mentioned.

A crash is heard from above as the police raid the place, arresting Torelli. The police question Paul about why he was there and tell him that Harry had called in a tip about Torelli. They arrest Paul as well and he is taken to the station. Paul tries to plead his case until in walks the Mayor. He tells him the last time he talked to Harry he had mentioned that Paul might need his help in this situation.

He exits and there is a car waiting for him. The driver gives him a similar talk about the last time he talked to Harry. Paul notices they are not heading to his apartment but instead the airport. Upon arrival the driver takes Paul’s things from the trunk and hands him his passport. Paul looks confused as he sees there is also a ticket for some tropical country. Upon landing there is another driver waiting for him who says “la última vez que hablé con Harry…”

Paul is driven to a house on the water. He heads to the door where a real estate agent awaits. He is handed the keys and signs the deed, the house is his, the agent saying Harry took care of it all last time they talked. Paul is confused but puts his things down and settles in.

He falls asleep and wakes again in a haze with Harry at the foot of the bed. Paul is confused but Harry just tells him not to worry about it. Harry needed someone innocent and without knowing to help him get everything together, tying up his loose ends. Paul is upset but Harry slips him the amount he ended up taking from Torelli. Paul shuts up and turns back over. Harry tells him he’ll talk to him in the morning.


The End