Fake Movie Friday- Milfs in Paris

So I know who I’m NEVER going to look for help with a title again. Not happy.

Milfs in Paris

Like many of my films this one opens with a woman cooking breakfast. She sets everything up but no one comes. She calls for her son but there is no answer. She calls again. Quick cut to her 18 year old son fucking an older woman.

He rolls off her and starts to talk all sweet and our main character Sandra ignores him and tosses his clothes to him. She walks to the bathroom naked and gets ready for her day. She is a real estate agent and good at her job. Montage of her flirting with buyers while showing a house. Especially younger men. Back at the office her boss hits on her but she laughs it off saying he’s too old for her (he is 3 years younger). He says enjoy your trip as she leaves.

Back at home she finishes backing her decorate underwear and hears a car horn. She looks outside and we she a slow motion shot beautiful older woman in a corvette but we quickly cut to her friend Kristina in a minivan waving like an idiot. Sandra is upset that they have to drive in this to the airport and even madder when se notices the baby in the back. Kristina says they just have to pick up her husband and he’ll be dropping them off.

Sandra gives Kristina her usual shit about settling down and not being out there like herself. Kristina is the comic relief and tells a heartwarming baby poop story.

On the plane Sandra is vertigo drunk while Kristina sleeps with a mask and neck pillow snoring. Sandra flirtation with the young man across the aisle, right in front of his mother. The mother glared at her. She takes a swift from the tiny bottle and we cut to the two of the in a taxi in Paris.

Kristina speaks awful French to the cabbie. They drop their things in the hotel and get changed. Sandra is excited for the hunt, but Kristina makes her stop in a tiny cafe. Behind the counter is a slightly older man who is friendly to the two. Kristina laughs at his jokes but Sandra ignores him. He comments on this and she is rude to him. He says something incredibly charming as they leave.

Kristina mentions how handsome the man, Pierre, was and that Sandra should have been nicer. Sandra brushes her off and they head into a bar. Sandra starts to drink heavily but the younger clientele is uninterested in her. This makes her drink more as Kristina has a hilarious drunken chat with some old French men.

They stumble out and seem a bit lost. They can’t find a cab but a car pulls up. It is Pierre. He offers them a ride to their hotel. Kristina snores in the back and Pierre tries to break Sandras shell on the front. She opens a bit about past heartache, and Pierre gets all smooth about how Paris is the place to mend that.

They arrive at the hotel and Sandra agrees to meet with him the next day. Kristina is hungover and decides to stay in saying she feels sick. Sandra is leaving the room as a giant tray of room service arrives for Kristina (lol right?)

Pierre picks her up and takes her all over the city and they have a wonderful time. They go dancing in a lite up square that night and he tries to kiss her. She turns away and says she can’t. She can’t trust another man yet and runs.

She runs into the young man from the plane. He hits on her and she goes to his hotel. They start all sorts of things and he gets her name wrong and calls her old. She slaps him and runs. Back at her hotel Kristna is skyping with her husband and baby. Sandra sees how happy she is and panics. She cries and Kristina gives her a heart to heart, but she’s the comic relief and the convo ends with a great stinger line.

This is long as fuck so let’s just say, Sandra finds Pierre and they get married and we see her happy and living with him in Paris. Credits scene is her skyping with Kristina who is being weird.

The end

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  1. johnnytigs says:

    Terrible title, good movie.

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