Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Fangs

To be honest this is the first week of the new volume where I really don’t feel like doing this. But so close to a year! Title is from Tigs!


We get a montage of all sorts of cool teens heading into high school. They do a lot of cliché cool teen stuff. We settle on one very uncool teen though. His name is Daniel but everyone calls him Fangs, because of his teeth. He has very sharp canines that look like fangs. I know you were confused so I explained it. He is a bit of an outcast.

He isn’t exactly bullied about his teeth but isn’t accepted socially. He has a few other nerdy friends but only his best friend Clark calls him by his real name. People joke with him about being a vampire and he of continues to laugh it off though saying he’s heard those jokes before. He heads home and into his room. He then wakes up the next morning. He seems groggy and confused and doesn’t remember going to sleep.

He heads to school and everyone stares at him in silence. He is very confused as people whisper about something. He notices a cop car outside and before he can enter the school Clark pulls him aside. Clark tells him there was a murder last night and the rumor is that body looks like a vampire killed them. Daniel says that doesn’t make any sense since vamps aren’t real. Clark tells him that the other students are talking about how Daniel did it.

Daniel gets called into the office and the principal is there with the sheriff. They ask him where he was the previous night and he says at home and that his mom can back that up. The sheriff says he knows Daniel is a good kid and he’s not putting any credence into the vampire theory but he needs to look at all possibilities. Daniel tells him he understands and then heads to find Clark. He tells Clark that he doesn’t know what happened last night and thinks he blacked out.

Clark and Daniel decide to do their own investigation. They talk to Daniel’s mom who says she fell asleep really early that night and also can’t remember going to sleep. They freak out and Daniel starts to believe he is in fact to blame. Clark leaves and he heads to his room then wakes up mysteriously again, this time with some blood on his shirt.

Another body is found with the same wounds and Daniel feels more people around town suspecting him. The school is close to cancelling the dance or something and the students tell him that he isn’t invited. He sits that night concentrating on staying up and hears a strange song from outside. He finds his mom slowly moving to her bed in a haze. He heads back to his room and there is a strange man there.

Turns out his father is a vampire. He retained some of his traits, the fangs and some strength that he never knew about. His father tells him that he has been hypnotizing him and trying to get him to feed. Daniel hasn’t done it yet and still refuses. His father tells Daniel that him and his crew of vamps is heading to the school to feast before leaving town. He wants Daniel to come with him. Daniel shakes it off and runs to find Clark. They gather vampire hunting weapons and head to the dance. They are kept out by some dudes until they are attacked by vamps. Daniel and Clark fight and kill them and head inside towards screaming. They fight a great deal more and Daniel kills his father after his father mortally wounds Clark.

Daniel holds Clark in his arms who tells Daniel to bite him. Daniel isn’t sure what that would do because he isn’t a full vampire. Clark tells him that they have nothing to lose. Turns out Daniel’s bite is restorative without turning his prey. He helps more students around the dance and then uses the song he heard his father using. Clark tells him to erase his memory too because he doesn’t want to remember that they necked.

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