Fake Movie Friday- The Last Bouquet

Every Friday here at Movie Movie we’ll be giving you a glimpse of what we do at our live improv show (Pig Pile, Every 3rd Thursday of the month, 930, Creek and The Cave, NYC). At Pig Pile, we receive a suggestion and produce, write, market, and review a movie. Here’s a fake movie that I just made up.

The Last Bouquet

Our film centers on a quirky 30-something woman. Of course she is never said to be that old and a younger actress plays her. Quirky like Zooey Deschanel, but not too like Zooey since everyone currently hates her for being too quirky, so lets drop the quirky tone a few notches; an actress like Anna Faris, but more profitable.

She has a problem. She keeps catching the bouquet at weddings. Wedding after wedding it keeps finding it’s way to her. The film includes a montage of all the wacky ways bouquets have made their way to her arms. Even when she walks by weddings, they seem to find her.

Throughout the film she keeps meeting two men. One is a slightly older, rich and handsome looking man, who keeps being at the same weddings as her. She is of course attracted to him, but he ignores her. He treats her poorly but they begin to date.

The other is the florist for all the weddings. He’s got a light beard of course, and is an incredibly sweet but less conventionally attractive than the other man. He is clearly in love with the woman, but she blames him for all the bouquets she has caught. Their scenes together are cute and funny, and the chemistry builds between them.

The woman becomes engaged to the rich man. The florist professes his love while working on their wedding. She is scared, and doesn’t know what to say. He leaves. While at the altar as the priest is talking about love, she is fixated on the bouquet in her hands.

The final scene in the movie is the florist sitting in the park (his favorite spot he told her about earlier). Into his lap drops the bouquet. Standing behind him, still in a wedding dress, is the woman. They kiss.

Fade to Black.

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  1. johnnytigs says:

    Hahahah, “Anna Faris but more profitable.” Classic. Seriously, that montage would be fucking awesome!

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