How Did We Get Here? #2

The trailer for ‘Frankenweenie’ debuted before ‘The Avengers.’ It is a full-length stop motion version of a live-action short Tim Burton made while still working at Disney. 28 years later he returns to expand on the story and is credited in the trailer as-

The Director of ‘Alice In Wonderland’


When you tell people that Tim Burton directed Pee-wee’s Big Adventure there is usually look of surprise on their face. When they think about it though his strange eye for design can be seen. For most they know him first from the fantastic Beetlejuice. After that followed the incredibly successful Batman films, the iconic Edward Scissorhands, and the critically praised Ed Wood.

‘Alice in Wonderland’ made over a billion dollars worldwide. It’s the 10th highest grossing film all time. This will be Tim Burton’s Hollywood legacy. He’s become a caricature of himself.

He is the Lady Gaga of film directors.

Over the past decade his films have stopped being original. Every one of them nothing anyone else hasn’t already done but just looking weird.

He’s a Zooey Deschanel.

He’s become quirky for quirky’s sake. Taking a formula that worked once upon a time and applying it to everything that’s thrown at him.

He’s like if Wes Anderson was to direct ‘Catcher in the Rye’ in a cheapened version of his trademark style. It doesn’t work.

How did we get here?

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5 thoughts on “How Did We Get Here? #2

  1. russ says:

    I know the excuse for him not making anything original in like a billion years is that sometimes your own projects take the longest to see through. Ok fine. you typically don’t write your movies anyway, so why do they all have to be adapted drivel? Alice, Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd, Dark Shadows. Everything he’s made is pre-existing dreck. For shame Mr. Burton. For shame.

  2. Dunn says:

    These dudes claim Burton jumped the shark with Planet of the Apes I think they have a point, but I’m a huge fan of Sweeney Todd. Also, I’m optimistic about Frankenweenie, which, while technically an adaptation, is an adaptation of his own short film into a black and white stop-motion movie, that is pretty original and ballsy.

    • peter says:

      Just like there is no need to make frankenweenie look like corpse bride. That’s not ballsy. That’s a bunch of hot topic pre-orders

  3. johnnytigs says:

    DAMN IT PETER! Don’t give them any ideas. UGH. Now Wes Anderson is going to make Catcher in the Rye, with Jason Schwartzman playing every role.

    Fuck it, who wants to watch Ghost World tonight?

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