Need For Meth Speed

The continued career of actors on hit shows is a very interesting topic. Many have done it successfully, other’s have failed miserably. When it’s someone as lovable as Aaron Paul, you really hope for the best. Paul signing on for a ‘Need for Speed’ adaptation could help him.

Creating a good film career post television is done with smart picks. Not just only picking good films but alternating commercially smart and artistically smart. Paul’s costar Bryan Cranston has done this over the past few years. He has taken easy pay checks in films like ‘Total Recall’ and ‘Rock of Ages’ which can lead to great roles in ‘Argo.’

The film ‘Smashed’ is currently doing the festival circuit and he recently started filming ‘A Long Way Down’. Both of these films are great for him showcasing he acting talent, but a film like ‘Need for Speed’ will be great for the general public learning his face in a big film.

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