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Jonathan Hickman has been writing this book like a mad man. He’s trying his best to tell these grand stories because he realizes the FF are so much more than what we’ve seen lately. He’s hitting the mark that the two films missed so much.

Reed Richards is a genius. He’s one of the smartest men on the planet in the Marvel Universe. This is a universe in which that should mean more than figuring out if we heat up Doctor Doom and then spray him with water he’ll freeze. Tony Stark built a functioning robot suit in a cave. Reed Richards should be able to do build six in that cave.

The Thing is Hulk level strong. He needs to do more than kick over a fire hydrant. He should have scenes like the Hulk in ‘Avengers.’ Sure he’s conflicted about his incredible powers yet horrible form, but he’s also one of the most lovable characters in Marvel Comics. He doesn’t need to cry about it all film long.

Johnny Storm should be Tony Stark Jr. When some jerk producer saw ‘Iron Man’ and thought, “let’s do that character, but younger, edgier, and more extreme”, they sounded like a dumb asshole but they were describing Johnny Storm. Chris Evans came really close.

Sue Storm is also incredibly intelligent. Sure she is pretty like ‘Black Widow’ but she is more than just a tight pair of pants. Here’s an opportunity for a smart, yet badass female hero role.

This movie can be done. It needs to be ‘Mole Man.’ It needs to be the four of them against an army of ‘Moloids’ fighting as a family. Ben Grimm clobbering them Hulk style. Johnny Storm flying through shooting like ‘Iron Man’ in ‘Avengers.’ Reed Richards should be on the ground fighting, a limb of his included in almost every shot hitting someone far away on the battlefield while he figures out a device to end it quickly. Sue Storm ruining offense AND defense around the entire field. She should not just be protecting everyone. She should be sending ‘Moloids’ flying left and right.

I do NOT envy the person in charge of casting this film. I wouldn’t know where to start. Feel free to chime in.

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  1. Dunn says:

    So basically make the Avengers again, works for me!

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