Old Xmen and New Xmen and the Combination of Two Franchises

Everyone can agree that the first two X-Men films were good and great respectively, and then x3 was trash and killed too many characters and was stupid.

Then X-Men Origins: Wolverine was WORSE

Then X-Men: First Class was a step back in the right direction.   Well it looks like Fox is confirming what we all thought and have signed Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan to play older Professor X and Magneto, while confirming James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender will be back playing their younger counterparts for X-Men: Days of Future Past.  With all of this time travel mumbo jumbo, it looks like unless this is two movies, it might be a little too much for one film.  I hope it’s two films because I can’t imagine being able to wrap up a story like this in one film without being disjointed and having very little character development.  But since Bryan Singer is back directing, I’m hopeful, that he’ll take the timeline of the X-Men films and make it all make sense in a Star Trekkian way.

We shall see!