Pacific Rim (Photoshop) Job

The comic con poster has been released. Granted its really just a photoshop mock-up, but I’m really excited.

We get a slightly better idea of the scale of the “Jaegers” (think zords) that will be fighting the “Kaiju” (giant monsters). Though the film seems at first glance to just be a big action movie, Del Toro’s name lifts it far above that. GDT is perfectly suited for a homage to Japanese monster movies, not just a Broderick ‘Godzilla’ retread but something that goes a bit deeper.

With the inclusion of Idris Elba in the cast it should be the huge sci-fi film that so many of the past decade have tried to be (Predators, any Resident Evil, Battle LA, Cowboys and Aliens, I AM Number Four, Real Steel). I think the cross appeal should reach a huge range of males, and the tougher ladies.

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One thought on “Pacific Rim (Photoshop) Job

  1. Dunn says:

    I have insanely high expectations for this. It has been way too long between GDT movies.

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