R is for Risky

Tonight we’ll be recording the new podcast on this weekends new releases. You’ll hear us complain about ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ in great length. There’s one talking point about it that I would like to expand upon. It’s “R” rating.

When movies are deep into post-production we tend to hear a ton about cuts made to the film to achieve a desired rating. It may seem silly to tweak a film to get that “PG-13” stamp on it but it can mean hundreds of millions of dollars.

Here’s a look at some figures all time

Highest Grossing- $370m (Passion of the Christ)
Top 10 are all over 200m
120 films have grossed over $100m

Highest Grossing- $760m (Avatar)
Top 10 are all over $375m
Over 200 films have grossed over $100m

Highest Grossing- $474m (Phantom Menace)
Top 10 over $310m
Over 180 films have grossed over $100m

Making money with an R is difficult. The number one grossing R rated film of all time is only 19th on the list of all films.

For your film to succeed with an R rating it needs to be something from this list-

Sequel- ‘Matrix Reloaded’ (2nd), ‘Terminator 2’ (10th)

Bro Comedies- ‘Hangover’ (3rd), ‘Wedding Crashers’ (9th)

Genre “Significant”- ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ (5th), ‘Exorcist’ (6th), ‘Saving Private Ryan’ (7th), ‘300’ (8th)

Or Passion of the Christ.

ALVH are none of these things. It’s a joke that hit as a book, where long form jokes can thrive. This doesn’t work for a film. If something looks like a joke in a trailer people won’t go see it. You can’t buy a funny looking movie theater ticket for someone as a joke like you can the book. Adapting this property was a stupid choice.

Also there’s nothing that should make this an R. There is no sex, no language, and little over the top violence. Only thing I can think of is the blood. So guess what? Tone down the blood and make some damn money! Or don’t make the pile of crap.

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One thought on “R is for Risky

  1. Dunn says:

    I’ve just finished rewatching the Alien Quadrilogy and I’ve been thinking about how we really need some R rated movie franchises. We have been coasting on Aliens, Predator, and Terminator properties for too long. The Matrix trilogy and the Resident Evil films are the only more recent properties I can think of, and Matrix is over now. I want some original horror/sci-fi/action film with a decent budget with a hard R-rating that can be turned into a franchise. Is that too much to ask?

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