R-Patt of Arabia

Robert Pattinson will be playing T.E. Lawrence. T.E. Lawrence is the real life inspiration for the film ‘Lawrence of Arabia.’ LoA is an incredible epic from 1962 which won 7 academy awards and starred the great, recently retired, Peter O’Toole.

One of these things is not like the other.

Calming down and reading more of the story tells you that the new film in question is called ‘Queen of the Desert.’ It’s more about Gertrude Bell, a writer, who does have some dealings with Lawrence. It’s to be directed by Werner Herzog and the role of Bell is to be played by Naomi Watts.

Ok, this doesn’t seem that bad. Herzog knows what he is doing. Perhaps the R-Patt role will be a small one. Granted I’ve never watched any of R-Patt’s more recent attempts at actual acting. Also who could be better than Peter O’Toole anyway. Might as well not even try, so it doesn’t matter that it’s the Twilight guy.

Ugh, I tried. This matters. I’m annoyed.

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