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Resident Evil 5 & How I Stopped Caring After 1

Paul W.S. Anderson and Len Wiseman have now made a combined NINE Underworld and Resident Evil films, eight of which, star their wives.  This is two things:

1) Nepotism

2) and a shame because all of the movies in either franchise are terrible late winter/early fall dumps that no one cares about, yet somehow keep getting sequels.

There are so many excellent ideas out their dying to get greenlit, much less, sequeled, but somehow we are about to get a 5th Resident Evil.  I’m not even going to get into how they have gone so far off the reservation in terms of the plot of the videogames because that is a rant for another day, but this trailer looks atrocious.  I used to think Milla Jovovich was better than this, but maybe she isn’t?  i can’t remember the last film she made that wasn’t a P. W.S. Anderson joint.

Anyway, check out the trailer below:

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