The Late Gatsby


‘The Great Gatsby’ has been moved back from its Christmas release all the way back to Summer 2013. I’m excited about this move.

The biggest reason for the move is that December is packed. ‘The Hobbit’ will be the big 3D draw of the month. ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ will be the big Oscar draw. ‘This is 40’ will get a younger crowd (weird right?). ‘Les Miserables’ will get old people. This doesn’t leave a lot of room for Gatsby, especially with Hobbit taking up all the 3D projectors.

The studio moving it back to the summer does say that they believe in it and thing it will draw “intellectual” young women out in numbers. I personally like the move to the summer because it will come out the same time as a crappy action movie. A movie like this comes out in the winter and everything runs from it and their would be nothing I want to see. coming out in the summer and I the weekend this comes out i can see a Resident Evil or something.