The Star of Guardians of the Galaxy Will Be…

Chris Pratt.

Chris Pratt will be starring as the half-human lead in the weird Marvel space-epic, Guardians of the Galaxy.  Apparently every single white male on earth tested for this part, and at no point did Chris Pratt’s name come up, but he’s an inspired choice.  He’s the funniest guy in nearly everything he’s in, most girls seem to think he’s awesome (he is), and he did his “serious” turn in Zero Dark Thirty as a badass army dude, so I think this will work out really well.

I don’t know who is overseeing a lot of the casting decisions at Marvel, but they are crushing it.  They don’t break the bank on any actors, but they get people who’ll become stars and wrap them into 4-6 picture deals before their asking price skyrockets.

Smart. Smart. Smart.

James Gunn directing and Chris Pratt starring in a Marvel Space Action Film? Win.

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2 thoughts on “The Star of Guardians of the Galaxy Will Be…

  1. Dunn says:

    Completely perfect casting, so excited for this.

  2. Mike says:

    Super excited to see the movie I’m going to hail as “way better than the Avengers…and so underrated.”

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