This is How Bad Movies Start

News broke today that the planned ‘Twilight Zone’ film is being passed on the a third writer. Granted the film will be several short tied together narratives this is a very bad sign. Too many writers is NEVER a good sign.

Matt Reeves is on board to direct the newest film version of the hit 60s TV show. ‘Cloverfield’ wasn’t exactly a stunning directorial achievement, but his vampire remake ‘Let Me In’ had a lot of great moments. Him at the reins of this film was a good sign.

The first writer on board was newcomer Jason Rothenberg. New writers are the best news for genre films. It was then passed on to Anthony Peckham, writer of ‘Invictus’, a move that mostly feels like a calling in a script doctor. The script is now being passed on to Joby Harold. Harold worked on the screenplay for the upcoming Tom Cruise film ‘All You Need Is Kill.’ Terrible title, interesting premise if you care to look it up.

This is too many writers. Movies like this hardly come together well. Last weeks ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’ had too many cooks in the kitchen and came off uneven and scattered. This may work in a film of vignettes but its just not news I enjoy.

Also who the hell wants a new ‘Twilight Zone’ anyway?

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4 thoughts on “This is How Bad Movies Start

    • peter says:

      Really? I assumed you’d be against this.

      • johnnytigs says:

        I’m an onion Peter. Layers and layers of horrible smelling crap that will make you cry all night long until you wash my stench off of you, and even then you can still taste it. What were we talking about?

  1. Dunn says:

    What’s the point if it isn’t an anthology, and if it is an anthology, then why only one director and a lot of rewriting. The great thing about anthologies is that you can get big name/interesting directors to do short self-contained stories. Also, there will usually be one or two standout segments in most anthologies, even if the movie itself isn’t the best. Bring on the rumored Fincher produced ‘Heavy Metal’ and not this.

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