Thor: The Dark World Rounds Out More Casting

In the last two days, Thor: The Dark World has made two casting announcements.  The first is that Kat Dennings has re-signed to appear in the sequel as her character Darcy.  Darcy was largely the most annoying part of the first film, but now that Dennings is the star of one of the highest rated comedies on TV, you know they will try and shoehorn more comic relief into this film.

The other and more interesting bit of casting is that Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (or Mr. Eko, or ADEBISI) has been cast as the villainous Algrim the Strong, ruler of the Dark Elves.  In the comics he’s coerced by Malekith, to fight Thor.  I think that Algrim and Malekith will make up a good pairing for Thor and the Warriors Three to have to take on, but my real question is why does this movie have to have anything to do with earth?

Darcy’s inclusion means that we’ll be getting more of the Earth stuff.  I didn’t love any of the Earth stuff the first time around.  If this film is going to be delving farther into Thor lore, how are we going to even have time for Jane Foster, much less, Darcy.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see.  I’m hoping they are just cameos at the beginning.

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