Why Am I So Into This?

Saturday morning. I’m in the theater waiting for ‘Rock of Ages’ to start, so obviously I was pissed off. Also considering we were seeing ‘That’s My Boy’ immediately after, I was in the worst of moods.

This trailer starts and next to me Russ starts to get excited. Russ loves the ‘Step Up’ franchise so I rolled my eyes not expecting anything. Then I started to pay attention. This looks fun. I don’t know why, but I want to see it.

My biggest hope is that it will be more like ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ than ‘Bring It On.’ If it doesn’t take itself too seriously then it could be a great deal of fun. I think the casting of Adam Devine (Workaholics) shows that it’s going to be a bit stranger and less formulaic.

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One thought on “Why Am I So Into This?

  1. johnnytigs says:

    I can’t wait to find out what Russ thought about Rock of Ages

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