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Need For Meth Speed

The continued career of actors on hit shows is a very interesting topic. Many have done it successfully, other’s have failed miserably. When it’s someone as lovable as Aaron Paul, you really hope for the best. Paul signing on for a ‘Need for Speed’ adaptation could help him.
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I Accidentally Smoked Cracked

I have been interested in this film for a while. I personally love Mary Elizabeth Winstead (‘Sky High’ for life). Also Aaron Paul is the best.

I really hope this movie is better than the trailer.

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Jesse Pinkman Heads A Long Way Down

Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) is stepping in joining Pierce Bronson, Imogen Poots, and Toni Collette in the upcoming adaptation of the Nick Hornby novel ‘A Long Way Down.’ Emile Hirsch was originally cast but is leaving the project because Hirsch clearly has no clue what to do with his career.
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