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Fake Movie Friday – The White Wolf

People love stories of white people becoming members of native societies (Avatar, Dances with Wolves, Ferngully etc) and learning some valuable lessons, this fake movie is pretty much that, with an added twist taken from a certain disappointing recent animated movie. Enjoy:

The White Wolf

We open with some establishing shots of a Jungle. We cut to a bumbling character. He is wearing a pith helmet and looking very out of place. He is scared and is making way too much noise. In what is supposed to be a tension filled scene, we see a panther slowly stalk the character. The panther lunges at him and we hear a gunshot go off. Emerging from the wilderness dramatically is a hunter. The camera cuts to the dead panther, then cuts to the opening credits.

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Terrible Title, Pretty Trailer

This trailer popped online yesterday. I thought about posting it but decided not to. The “from the creators of” credits do absolutely nothing for me. The stylized trailer makes the movie look gorgeous but the story doesn’t seem to be anything new. Thats coming from someone who loved ‘Avatar’ so much he saw it 4 times in the theater. It seems to have the potential to absolutely disappoint me if I start to get excited about it. Maybe a second trailer would help. What do you think?

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