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Terrible Title, Pretty Trailer

This trailer popped online yesterday. I thought about posting it but decided not to. The “from the creators of” credits do absolutely nothing for me. The stylized trailer makes the movie look gorgeous but the story doesn’t seem to be anything new. Thats coming from someone who loved ‘Avatar’ so much he saw it 4 times in the theater. It seems to have the potential to absolutely disappoint me if I start to get excited about it. Maybe a second trailer would help. What do you think?

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I Don’t Want To Talk About This Too: More Bullshit

Yes, while we all got the unfortunate news that Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are making The Starving Games, I hope it is not lost on the viewing public that they have already made another turd-in-waiting for this year titled “The Biggest Movie Of All Time 3D”

The poster alone pretty much sums up how asinine this film is going to be.  Get it? It’s a rip-off of Avatar!  The movie that came out 3 years ago and is no longer really even relevant is finally getting it’s comeuppance.  This is the timing equivalent of making a joke about The Osbournes.  And look at this fucking poster.  It is supposed to be a Na’vi woman, but it’s FUNNY because the words are between her nose and to read them her eyes have to be crossed!  If you think that is funny, I know I hate you and know you don’t deserve to live.  WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?  No one can even answer that question and that’s the worst part.  This movie will even probably make enough money to justify it’s budget.

We have to stop them.

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