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Fake Movie Friday: Midnight Globe Trouters

I asked for a suggestion of a movie title last night at the show to write for today. I couldn’t have asked for a better title, too bad the movie is going to be awful! It will be a hybrid animated / live action à la Cool World.

Midnight Globe Trouters

Holly, Jack and Frank (yeah those are the names of the main characters from Cool World) have all been best friends for years and at the end of this summer, just before they all move away for college or some bullshit,  they decide to go on a week long fishing trip booked by Holly’s father, whom she hasn’t seen in years but sends her messages every so often. Holly’s been afraid of the water since she was a little girl and is facing her fears. They arrive at the boat and Captain Torture is there to meet them. “Har har, it’s only a name. Get ready for the trip of a life time,” he says upon first meeting the group. Continue reading

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