Alex Cross & Dressing Up Like Daddy!

The trailer for Alex Cross (reboot of the Along Came a Spider and Kiss The Girls films) is here.  In the books by James Patterson, Alex Cross is a bad ass cool detective.  Idris Elba LOST this role to Tyler Perry.  Tyler Perry.  TYLER PERRY!  The funniest part of the this trailer to me isn’t all the dialogue where it sounds like Tyler Perry is trying to sound like his father, but instead when they show the names for the actors in the film and Tyler Perry’s flashes on the screen, and you realize it isn’t for a horrible comedy, but for an action thriller.   Dude doesn’t even have muscles!  Matthew Fox took over in the muscle department for this film it appears.

This movie could have been awesome if they replaced Madea with Stringer Bell/Luther

Check it out!:

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4 thoughts on “Alex Cross & Dressing Up Like Daddy!

  1. peter says:

    The DO NOT CROSS ALEX CROSS poster is the worst.

    The movie is called Alex Cross, cut the tagline short like
    Don’t Cross Him or something

  2. Dunn says:

    Matthew Fox scares me.

  3. peter says:

    This is garbage. The Fox/Perry fight will make no sense. You can’t set up a man as MMA and have him fight pudgy FBI agent. It will be if Riggs fought Murtaugh.

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