At The Helm of the Vacation

This news seemed to have come out of nowhere, but National Lampoon’s Vacation series is getting another sequel. Ed Helms is in talks to star as a grown up Rusty Griswald taking his own family on a trip.

With hilarious results.

This seems like a really strange choice. The days of the family comedy seem to be over. With a script from the team behind ‘Horrible Bosses’ this assumedly won’t be a family film. But I think the general public is over the road trip. If you think about all the films that have been on the subject, what sort of hijinks are possibly left?

If Randy Quaid does not have a cameo this movie should not be made. You have to imagine that Chevy Chase is pretty much a lock for a scene or two, but for me, Quaid makes a Vacation movie a Vacation movie.

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One thought on “At The Helm of the Vacation

  1. johnnytigs says:

    Didn’t Randy Quaid’s character from the Vacation movies die in Independence Day?

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