Avengers 2 is Happening the Way it Should

Joss Whedon has been signed on to write and direct Avengers 2.  We can now all breathe a bit easier.  Not only will he be shepherding the Avenger franchise, but he’s also being brought along to help flesh out the Marvel TV Universe.  They haven’t done anything with the TV verse yet, so taking Whedon’s already stellar TV past and connections, he will be a lot better at helping bring that world along well.

I am pleased.

I would love it if Marvel took some of their darker characters and retrofitted them for TV, like Punisher and Daredevil (especially with his rights likely reverting back to Disney).

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2 thoughts on “Avengers 2 is Happening the Way it Should

  1. Ashley says:


  2. peter says:

    First off, I live when we double post.

    I’m so pumped for marvel tv. With them already wanting to do a Jessica Jones series, who is former hero current P.I., Daredevil would work so well being a lawyer.

    Their are also so many street level characters

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