Avengers, Reassembled

It looks like The Avengers MIGHT receive the Avatar treatment this August, according to an article on superheroauthority.com. The Three hour directors cut, which director Joss Whedon has spoken about prior, may be released in theaters at the end of the summer in preparation for the super mega blu ray release of the film. It’s no secret that The Avengers made exactly a metric fuck ton of money and currently holds the #3 spot of all time domestic gross ($573M), behind Avatar at #1 ($760M) and Titanic at #2 ($658M).

This end of summer push would most likely nudge The Avengers over to the coveted #1 spot. While rereleasing the movie so soon after it’s initial release and the obvious cash grab attempt it is makes me sick, I cannot fucking wait and I will gladly pay Pete again after he purchases tickets to the midnight screening we will be at. Hopefully I won’t break his phone again and Colm will pay Pete back for his ticket this time, but you (the reader) know you want another live blog from the line. I’ve been meaning to see The Avengers a second time, now I feel like I can relax and wait it out. Maybe pick up some shawarma in the mean time. Mmmmmmmm:

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2 thoughts on “Avengers, Reassembled

  1. peter says:

    I’M IN! x10000000000

  2. Dunn says:

    Awesome. Also, let’s not forget about Marvel: Phase One box set, my mind was blown when I heard about it.

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