Avengers: The Wait- Live Blog

Hello True Believers,

Come back here later starting at 10pm est for the adventures of Tigs and Peter sitting around a movie theater waiting for Avengers to start. Which sort of weirdos (present company included) will be there early? Who will Peter secretly hate for getting comic book facts wrong? Will Tigs fall in love?

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9:31 Peter- In the car outside Tigs’ house. He needs to put on a shirt. He makes his dates wait. That’s a pro move.

9:54 Peter- At the theater. The number of people there matches the average age: 15. We look old.

9:57 Peter- apparently the line doesn’t start till 1030. We are too early for the line.

10:02 Tigs – Well they just asked us to limbo, when they clearly wanted us to conga. In line now.

10:06 Peter- that’s not a joke. This crazy worker yelled at people to limbo but led a conga line. Then yelled that none of us limbo’d. Also Tigs knocked my phone to the ground and cracked the screen

10:11 Tigs- that’s not a joke. I ACCIDENTALLY knocked his phone on the ground. It was one of those weird slow motion moments in life. Being half-Italian, I talk with my hands, Pete’s phone was in a dangerous spot, we both stared at the phone on the ground, then looked at each other, I honestly feel terrible. Pete I’m sorry.

10:17 Peter- its ok buddy. Here at New Roc City, imax is sold out and regular but not 3d. You hear that Hollywood! (you don’t) People want it giant or regular. No one chooses 3d

10:25 Peter- They are passing around a sign up sheet for spider-man and dark knight. I guess first option for midnights. But there is a section for credit card number. Who would write theirs down?!

10:28 Tigs- we’re walking in to another LINE! WOOOO! (Sorry again Peter)

10:36 Peter-Let Imax in first. Took our tickets, gave us fancy imax classes and posters, then had to show tickets again 20ft away. How could you possibly sneak in?

10:38 Tigs- Pete just told that joke outloud in the Imax and it killed. He was on his game. I think me breaking his phone really inspired him. (I’m so so so so sorry Pete. Jokes are my way of dealing with my guilt)

10:48 Peter- If you are wondering what that annoying scraping sound while watching avengers tonight, its dozens of Captain America Shields being kicked around the floor.

10:50 Peter- and… We have our first hulk’s pants mention from the crowd. It was not funny.

11:00 Tigs- oh man I’m tired…. well I count 1 Nick Fury and 2 Green Lantern hats, the theater is almost full now, and only one hour to showtime!

11:05 Peter- Grizz from 30 rock is here!

11:06 Grizz- hey everybody!

11:06 Peter- Ok. He didn’t say that but he is really here. He’s one of the green lantern hats.

11:08 Tigs- did I mention that Pete and I are here with Colm of www.colmics.com fame! The stars came out tonight!! And by that I mean Pete and myself. You’re welcome New Roc, you’re welcome.

11:15 Peter- Hey, Grizz got a big thing of popcorn for everyone… Oh it’s just for him. That’s stone cold Grizz, stone cold.

11:17 Tigs- things just got hostile in here! Internet feud between colmics.com and moviemoviepodcast.com. Colmics threw the first punch, but Movie Movie drew the first blood. Get ready folks, the blood bath is about to begin! Or not. We are all so tired…

11:33 Tigs- in the bathroom with Pete…too much?

11:37 Tigs- t-minus 22 minutes and counting! How you holding up Pete?

11:41 Peter- Getting sick and tired of the “oh god there are no seats” face from the people coming 20 minutes prior to the midnight showing of the biggest movie of the last 2 years.

11:44 Tigs- a round of applause for the Regal “First Look” previews. I suddenly understand how people fall for the whole bogus relgious cult thing.

11:54 Peter- hate those “look at all the people who are looking at this ad” ads. Like some persons here, head in their hands thinking “i’m going to just forget about my struggling business and enjoy this movie. Wait! That’s it! The answer to all my problems! My kids will eat!”

11:58 Peter- movie starting soon. Thanks for joining us. Avengers Assemble