Bridesmaids & How Escalation Began w/ Bachelorette

Bachelorette is a new “girls-only” comedy starring Kirsten Dunst (who made it and lost it), Isla Fisher (who almost made it and faded away), Lizzy Caplan (never quite made it), and Rebel Wilson (jury’s out).  It basically looks like the type of film we would make up in either our Fake Movie Friday or during one of our improv shows.  It was made purely to capitalize on the Bridesmaids money that proved that women could be funny or whatever.  What is weird however is that it takes about 12-15 months to rip off an idea and get it into theaters in time.  I cant imagine anyone will care about this movie, but then again it’s not trying to get me to see it.

Check out this studio-forced abortion of non-humor here:

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