Fake Movie Friday: Killer

I’m so tired. I completely forgot it was Friday. I wonder if I can actually make this happen…



John Mark wakes up in his own bed covered in blood. He rushes to the bathroom and cleans himself off and stares at himself in the mirror, while breathing heavily. We quickly learn this isn’t the first time this has happened. John responds the way he always does, he checks the news and sees if there has been any murders in the area, but there is nothing. He goes about starting the rest of his day, he makes himself a bowl of shredded mini wheats, a glass of blood orange juice and sits in silence.

John works as a telemarketer. He’s well liked by his co-workers, the have frequent water cooler chats and joke around on IM and in e-mail. He goes about his day and goes to see his psychiatrist afterwards, Dr Parkins. He tells the doctor about the morning, Parkins tells him he is imagining it all again and ups his dosage.

He goes to the pharmacy and sits and waits for his prescription to be renewed. Feeling better John heads home and decides to head to bed. John has a weird dream. The sky is on fire but everyone is calm. Buildings are burning down and turn to ash, but everyone goes about their lives as normal. People attempt to enter their homes and places of business while on fire and evaporate to ash with smiles on their faces. The color yellow speaks and tells jealousy that a punchline is nothing more than the end of time. They both have a good laugh.

John awakes covered again in blood and he follows the same routine. Nothing in the news, nothing more to it than that. Makes his cereal goes to work and goes to a bar that night with some co workers. The bar is littered in neon, his co workers drink and dance, John stares at the lights. They all go home and John heads back to sleep.

He dreams that he is in a giant convenience store, the aisles stretch towards infinity. He picks up a box of love, companionship, two boxes of cereal, and some sort of blue pepper. He walks down around the store for what seems like forever, but his watch shows only seconds have passed. At the counter he pays for everything, the man at the cash register asks “paper or parliament,” then proceeds to hand John a box with photos from his childhood and says “come back anytime.” There are no exits, no doors at all, he turns back to ask the man at the register but there is no one behind him. The store has gone completely empty, a vast void of emptiness beyond him. John looks at the pictures inside and sees one of him and his parents at his house growing up. He opens the door in the picture and enters. There are dead rats everywhere, his childhood toys are seen feeding on the carcasses.

John awakes covered in blood again. He heads to the bathroom and in written in blood on the mirror is “You Are a Punchline but this will never end.” He washes everything, calls out sick and decides to buy a bunch of straps to keep him locked in bed. John takes his medicine, drinks a bottle of whiskey and straps himself in for the night.

John dreams of four fluttering females flying ferociously for five hundred feet. They see him and smile, he reaches his hand out and they hover above him. They reach out their hands and then pull them away, and dash upwards beyond what John can see.

John wakes up covered in blood. His arms cut up like cardboard christmas ornaments. He washes up, puts on a long sleeved shirt and heads to work. John decines to head out with his co-workers after work and just goes home instead. He tries to stay up all night long, hes drinking coffee, doing everything he can to not subdue to the sweet sound of slumber. But fails. John dreams he wakes up in his bed covered in blood, the walls are dripping red, there is a pool of blood covering the floor. He stand infront of the mirror but sees nothing, he walks out and the world is vacant. At there are no computers by his own, he heads to his terminal. On the screen all it says is “Format drive? (Y/N).” John enters ‘Y’ and the screen starts to scroll with foreign characters, moving faster and faster and faster, the characters break out of the screen and the walls are covered in strange lettering, then everything goes black. All that is there is a blinking cursor on the world. The words “Reboot in 10 seconds….” appear and John wakes up in his bed, covered in blood, the walls dripping red with a pool of blood covering the floor. John heads to the top of his building, the sky wet with darkness. He looks down and there is a bright lights emanating from the entire ground. John drops in free fall to the ground.

There are police all over his apartment, a clean white apartment without a spec of dust to be found. His co-workers say they never knew anything. After investigating his body they determine that he was in perfect health, there are no scars or marks anywhere on his body other than what was caused by the fall.

John wakes up in his bed, clean, refreshed and ready to go. He eats his cereal, throws out his perscription, heads outside and walks into the light of the world.

The End.

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