Fake Movie Friday: Hurricane Jane

It’s 1 o’clock and I just woke up after seeing the midnight showing of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, which I did not like. Basically I’m in a weird place and I’m not sure how this will turn out. Let’s take this journey together.

Hurricane Jane

We open at an anniversary party of an older couple. Everyone is having fun and the we see a young couple David and Diane, played by Martin Freeman and Olivia Munn, looks really happy. The party is for David’s parents and his father gets a little drunk and his speech is weird as he talks about marriage and his sons impending nuptials. David laughs, as Diane looks furious. Later at their home Diane flips out on him. We get the idea that she isn’t the nicest person and not quite right for David and he apologizes all night.

The next day at work his boss tells him he has to go to Costa Rica to check on one of their hotels. They do something with hotels, I don’t know what (I figure this out later). Diane flips out on him when he tells her as their wedding is next week.

David gets off the plane and into a cab. The driver is Jane, played by Mila Kunis. She asks where to, and he gives her detailed instructions that he read online about the route to the hotel. She laughs at him and speeds away. She drives erratic and curses at other drivers. David freaks out and yells at her once he gets to the hotel. As he checks in we see a ton of people checking out and a TV report talking about Hurricane Diane, which is rapidly approaching. David doesn’t pay attention to it and gets to work. I have no idea what he does but it doesn’t matter. Maybe an inspection. Yeah, that works. A silly little montage of him checking beds, hot tubs, and the sauna follows. But all the time he has a little notepad and calculator. Basically we see he can’t relax.

While all this is happening the storm starts to roll in but he doesn’t notice. He packs up and heads out the door and is smacked in the face by a flying lawn chair. The reality of the hurricane sets in. The only cab around is Jane. They have an argument but she drives him. In the car, as she drives as crazy as before, the radio says all flights are cancelled. He gets angry and she attempts to calm him down but the car flies off the road.

Luckily they find a small hut that was abandoned and break in. David yells at Jane and makes her feel bad. He calls Diane who yells at him and Jane goes to comfort him. They talk about Diane and it becomes clear that David is not happy. Jane tries to get him out of his shell by dragging him outside into the rain. She yells about letting yourself go and blah blah all that movie crap. He rips off his tie and goes outside. They run along the beach and have fun getting soaked. Something knocks out Jane and David carries her back. When she wakes up and has a fire going and is sitting over her taking care of her. She kisses him.

He freaks out and backs away. As she tries to apologize they hear the storm has died down. He runs outside and to the road. Jane tries to chase after him but he gets into a passing cab and is off. On the plane we have the classic shot of him looking longingly out the window as the man sitting next to him says something deep like

“wow, that hurricane was crazy. Amazing how it just crashes in and sweeps through changing everything in its path.”

“Yeah, she did” -David

“That Diane” –The man


We cut to the rehearsal dinner as David’s father is giving another drunken speech about love and how important and unexpected it is. David is distracted. His father goes on and says more about how love hits you and takes you away. The rest of the speech is done in voice over as we see Jane in her cab in the taxi line at the airport.

Father in VO- You’ve got to give yourself to love. Run with it. Don’t stop for a minute and go anywhere it wants. There is no plan. There is only love and possibility.

Camera is tight on Jane as someone gets in her cab.

“Where to?” –Jane

“Anywhere” –David


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