Condorman Reboot. Because No One Asked For It

Back in 1981 when Disney was in the “dark ages” and creatively bankrupt, they made a live-action comedy/adventure film called Condorman.  It was about a cartoonist who inexplicably became a superhero.  This is what it looked like:

This film was one of my least favorite movies ever growing up.  It was one of the few movies for kids I would rather turn the TV off than watch.  Leave it to the powers that be at the Mouse House to reboot this into a big-budget franchise.

I’ve stopped asking “Why?” It serves no purpose.  We all know that studios believe that SOME recognition is better than a completely new idea, and if you already have the rights to something, hell, you’re pretty much done.  Disney has aggressively been going after the young male demo for the last few years with mixed results.  For every Avengers and Wreck-It Ralph, we get John Carter or Mars Needs Moms.  I have a feeling whatever they do with Condorman is going to be pure ass.

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One thought on “Condorman Reboot. Because No One Asked For It

  1. Dunn says:

    I’m really annoyed at this news, because now I know that Condorman is a thing. I was living my life in blissful ignorance before now…

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