Crash with NFL Football Licensing

The NFL has recently begun the initial phases of producing a fully licensed football film entitled Week 14.  The basis of the film up to this point is that it is supposed to be a Crash-like film by which it covers the world of football through the lenses of players, their families and coaches.  It will be fictional players obviously.  It was written by Ron Shelton, which as of now is the best thing it has going for it.  He wrote Bull Durham, White Men Can’t Jump, and Tin Cup, so if it’s one thing he knows how to pull off it’s sports films.

My only reservation up to this point is how ballsy will the NFL let this film be.  Many years ago ESPN aired a show called Playmakers that was supposed to basically use an NFL-like league to tell stories of the underside of professional sports.  They didn’t use real characters or teams, and the NFL still pushed ESPN to cancel it, and they eventually did.  It was a great show tho.  The NFL, unlike the WWE only wants to be seen in nothing but a positive light, so I am doubtful that this film will show any seedy underbelly.  So making it like Crash or Babel, may not work if the story isn’t compelling.  It will most likely be more like a Miracle-type of sports film and less of an Any Given Sunday type.  Mind you AGS is a stupid movie, but I respect what it was trying to do.

I’m cautiously optimistic either way because I love football and any excuse to see it on the big screen, I’m into.

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