Days of Future Prequel Sequel

It has been rumored and now being reported by as official from Bryan Singer (producer) that the ‘X-Men First Class’ sequel will be subtitled ‘Days of Future Past.’

This is ballsy and brilliant. Ballsy because it deals with MIND time travel. An older version of Kitty Pryde travels her mind into the present day version. Well past since ‘First Class’ timeline is the 60s, I think. Christ this is confusing already. I’m assuming they will send back the whole Kitty Pryde, or some other character, since mind time travel is weird.

This is smart because it could possibly find a way to change history so the stories of the X-Men movies we know never happen. Also this is our best bet for Sentinels.

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One thought on “Days of Future Prequel Sequel

  1. russ says:

    It’s hard to believe Days of Future Past was really only like 2-3 issues, and is big enough to adapt. It is, but I hope this is good Xmen and not Ratner Xmen

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