Early Spring Oscarbait: 42 Trailer

I can’t believe a Jackie Robinson movie hasn’t been made yet.  I feel like I’ve seen this film already, but it still looks good.  Smart move opening it right before baseball season, and getting a top draw (formerly) actor like Harrison Ford to co-star in it next to a relative unknown.  This movie should do very well and cost not a whole lot.

Only issue I have with the trailer is that ever prevailing idea of having modern music in old timey films.  I hate it.

But the movie looks legit:

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2 thoughts on “Early Spring Oscarbait: 42 Trailer

  1. peter says:

    This trailer is so poorly done, but i think the movie will be great still

  2. Dunn says:

    So it looks like Harrison Ford is actually acting, I’ll watch it just for that.

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