Expendables 3 Casting News

Expendables 2 opens this weekend but talks have already started about adding the the already incredible cast. Let the jokes start about how the movie is called Expendables but they keep EVERYONE around and add even more people

First up, producer Avi Lerner says they are pursuing Clint Eastwood. I think he would be super fun in a small role like a Judi Dench’s M in Bond. He will likely say no.

They also want Harrison Ford. He will say no. If he even gets out of his helicopter or stop building a table long enough to even talk to them.

They want Wesley Snipes, when he gets out of prison. Wesley will say yes. I would love to see him in the villain role for the third. He was so great in ‘Demolition Man.’

They want Nicholas Cage. He will say yes and do anything they ask as long as he can wear a wig.


One thought on “Expendables 3 Casting News

  1. Dunn says:

    I think you are 4 for 4 in your predictions, let’s see how this plays out…

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