Fake Movie Friday: Anonymous

Last night was Pig Pile, which means today’s title is courtesy of a random audience member, an anonymous audience member even. Let’s do this.


Our main character Rick, 20-something, works in the bursar’s office at a small college. He’s down on his luck and hates his job. Quick montage of kids coming to hisdesk to inquire about their tuition bill and complaining. The last person is a pretty girl name Jess who makes monthly payments in cash from her waitressing job and we see the chemistry between the two. He comes home one night and his girlfriend Diane, who he lives with, is mad at him. They fight about a few things and she storms off, they are both clearly unhappy.

He finds a letter on the table. It’s from a lawyer requesting his presence at a will reading. Rick has nothing going on and decides to show up. His long lost uncle died and was filthy rich. He has given all his fortune to Rick. Rick freaks out and decides to take his newfound wealth in strides. He heads home to find that Diane has moved out. At work the next day Jess comes in again looking tired and worn out. They flirt a bit and when she leaves he gets an idea. He heads to the bank and takes out money to pay for her school.

The story of the anonymous donation to her tuition spreads around campus. Other head to the office to see if they were given money and Rick starts keeping track of their stories. Those students who he feels for he takes money out and pays for school. He becomes known as the only person who is aware of the identity of the donor.

Him and Jess start to hang out and things are going great. A reporter who is covering the story stumbles onto the millions Rick inherited and puts it all together. Students start flocking to Rick as he heads to work begging him to help pay for their tuition. Rick pushes by them and is fired when he gets inside. Once outside he runs into Jess who is mad at him. She feels he led her on and was trying to buy her feelings.

He heads home upset to find Diane there trying to get him back now that he is rich. He sends her off and starts to sulk about Jess. He heads to the diner where she works and they talk. He wonders why she still takes all the shit from the manager now that her school is all paid for and doesn’t look for something better. She says her mom used to own a place like this and she feels home in a crappy diner.

She asks him why he didn’t leave his job when he got rich. He tells her that he wouldn’t get to talk to her if he did. The manager walks over and starts screaming at her. Rick stops him and offers 100 grand for the place and he promptly accepts. Jess looks angry and says that she doesn’t need him to buy everything for her. He jokes that she’ll have to re-interview for the position and he is not sure if she’ll get it.

They kiss and the camera pans around them and cuts to the two of them working the diner together though it is now much nicer. There are newspapers on the wall about free nights for homeless and how they occasionally give free meals to families. Finally a wedding photo is seen on the wall of the two of them.

The end.