Fake Movie Friday: Vin Diesel Flying Through The Air

I’m tired. It’s been a long week. But fuck that shit, I saw FURIOUS 6 last night and it was the best. THE BEST! I actually have zero ideas and can only think of Vin Diesel flying through the air.

Vin Diesel Flying Through The Air

We open on Brad, a young student sitting in class. The teacher is going on about the American Revolution. Brad starts to daydream about him and George Washington riding across a field to a line of British Soldiers. George Washington pops on sunglasses and says, “let’s do this.” They take out AKs and start shooting.

The bell rings and Brad wakes up and heads out of class. He heads home and his parents are waiting for him in the kitchen. They tell him to sit down and start to talk to him before a bright light fills the room. Brad walks over to the window, seeing the bat symbol in the sky. He turns back dressed as Batman and says, “the night needs me.” His father yells his name and he snaps awake.

They explain that his grades are getting worse and they are worried about him and how he is constantly daydreaming. They bring him to a drug company where they signed him up for a new experimental treatment. While there he is under he imagines he is Frankenstein’s monster. He wakes up to his parents in the room and floating over their heads is Vin Diesel.

Brad laughs and says he must still be asleep and his parents look worried as Vin Diesel flies out the window and up into the air. He turns back and there is a duck standing on his father’s head. Brad starts to get worried and tries to explain what is happening. His daydreams are constant. They say he is probably just a little messed up from the treatment and they head home.

Back there he continues to see things everywhere and that night Vin Diesel is over his bed floating around. Brad says that he is not real tells him to go away. Vin Diesel flies off and crashes through the window. His parents walk in and find the window smashed. He tries to tell them what happened but the of course do not believe him.

The next day more of his daydreams start effecting real life. Flying monkeys cause car crashes, the parking meters come alive and spit quarters at people, etc. Things get crazier and crazier as the town goes into a panic. Vin Diesel returns and taunts Brad. The two start to battle with their minds until Brad defeats him and the daydreams start to disappear.

Brad walks away from the town more confident and put together than before. The camera pans back and we see Vin Diesel floating along seemingly dead. The camera zooms in onto his face and his eye opens.

The End