Fake Movie Friday: Bless Their Hearts

Hey all. Writing this on Thursday because I will have no time tomorrow. I bet you are wondering what it feels like to be the last man standing, the only one to not skip a week. It feels lonely. Like to say a huge congrats to Tigs and Russ for all the amazing work they did inspiring me each week. I won’t be stopping any time soon. Someone at work said this today and I’ve decided it is based on book one of a young adult series.

Bless Their Hearts

Brad lays a top his car at night, he is wearing headphones and the song is the only thing we hear. Then a woman’s voice is faintly heard screaming, “help me.” He takes out his headphones and looks around.

A few people come around and scare him. The camera pulls back and his car is overlooking a field. Down below there is a bonfire and a lot of cars around it. The people who scared him talk about the football party below and how lame it is. They talk about how Brad used to play football but quit when he got sick. He brushes it off and his friend’s head out as the party below dies down.

The party below dies down and he is standing there alone. He shuts the lights off in the car and takes a deep breath and runs toward the cliff. He flies away laughing. Credits roll and end with Brad coming to school the next day. Voice over talks about how Brad had a heart problem and was lucky enough to get a transplant. Afterwards he discovered he could fly. He hasn’t told anyone about it. He can’t explain it, but when he flies he feels his heart pumping faster than it should.

He stops looking worried as he once again hears the woman’s voice faintly crying for help. He turns and sees a teacher leading a young man around the hall pointing things out. Brad’s heart starts pumping fast and he looks worried. The other boy looks up holding his chest. He asks the teacher where the bathroom is and runs off.

Outside of school Brad waits for the new kid. He pulls his car up to the curb and tells him to get in. We cut to the field from earlier and the two talk. The other boy, Scott, tells about how he felt his heart beating quickly when he saw Brad just like when he does it. Brad asks if he can fly and Scott laughs. He turns around and picks up Brads car over his head. They realize they both had transplants.

Brad shows him how he can fly and when he lands he notice his car rolling away towards the cliff. He reaches out and grabs for it and crushes the bumper in his hand. He is shocked because he never had strength. He turns to look at Scott who is flying a few feet off the ground. Scott flies off into the distance but starts to drop out of the sky and Brad takes off after him. When he gets closer Scott can fly again. They figure out they only share powers if they are close. They both freeze as their hearts start beating faster and we hear the woman’s voice much louder this time screaming for help.

They look at each other as they figure out they’ve both heard her recently, ever since Scott got back into town, since his surgery. They decide to look further into their transplant. Down at the hospital where they were born they find their way to the basement. They meet and old guard who tells them about that night. There was a great storm and three people where in a car struck by lightning they were brought to the hospital and later died and the three hearts were given to two young men and a girl. Brad and Scott look at each other with the news of a third person.

They find some details about the other girl and track down her parents. They claim that she went off to some special school. She complained about hearing voices. She was sent away but had died the previous year. Brad and Scott find details about the school and head that way. As they get closer the girls voice gets louder. Brad and Scott start being able to hear each other’s thoughts. They get closer and Brad thinks, “we are coming to get you.” The two hear back “it’s about time.” They drive closer to the school and are immediately fired upon.

They ditch the car and fly in. they start fighting off the guards around the compound. They are surrounded and an older man walks towards them and says that they won’t get to her. In their heads they hear “holy crap this feels good.” Brad says we don’t have to get to her, only near hear. The ground shakes and out explodes the girl. She says hello to the two and says her name is Becka. The three explode into the air. The older man steps forward and says “This isn’t over, they don’t know the half of it.”

The three fly together. Becka turns and smiles at them both and flies ahead. The two guys catch each other smiling at her and thinking, “She’s amazing.” They give each other strange looks and fly off after her.

To be continued…

I may write the sequel based on the second book where there may be a love triangle