Fake Movie Friday Brainstorming Session

I am in my office at work right now and it is ungodly hot right now and the AC is broken, so I don’t really have the mental wherewithal to write a fake movie this week.  I do however have the mental wherewithal to give you all a glimpse into the fake movies that I will be working on over the next few weeks, and then some titles that just came to me, where I’ll write the movie after.

Bodega Catz – A borderline racist animated comedy about the lives of those cats in bodegas

The Caan Men – Action comedy about James and Scott Caan playing themselves and getting involved with the real mob or something

Don’t Wait Up – Teen Girl Comedy

Snow Justice – Point Break with Snowboarders

Leap – Someones Oscarbait film.  That’s all I have.  I just need the actor and that will inform the type of bait i’m shoveling out

Dream – A dramatic reimaging of The 1992 USA Olympic Basketball team, only they’re not that great at the beginning

Polly and Max: Time’s Up – Crossover Polly Pocket/Mighty Max film, but they are older and fight time traveling criminals



Operation: Kill

…And Then I Fell

So that’s what you all have to look forward to over the next couple months from me.  As I said before I usually just start with a title and then a sentence, and then from there I make a movie that may or may not have anything to do with my original idea.  Now you at least get to see where my ideas start.  I can assure you that the majority of these will probably change completely, but now you know that Don’t Wait Up was supposed to be girl empowering teen comedy from the outset even though a month from now it will probably be a girl-in-peril horror film.

Oh well.

See you guys next week, with the racistly awesome Bodega Catz!

2 thoughts on “Fake Movie Friday Brainstorming Session

  1. Dunn says:

    I can’t wait for Bodega Catz, but it better be live action with CG animated cats like in Cats and Dogs! Also I’m hoping there will be a sassy cat with a Peurto Rican accent

  2. peter says:

    and a rich white sounding cat who has a real home!

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