Fake Movie Friday: Death Hits

Here I am in Chicago, watching a 4 year old and 3 month old, dodging a thunder storm and of course writing my FMF! So here we go. This title probably has nothing to do with the movie.

Death Hits

Peter (played by Peter Smith) and Russ (played by Russ Stevens, or if he’s not available Hank Azaria) write for a semi-popular movie website with their friend Alex (played by Alex Kovios). Pete was the shining star of the website until Russ started to write more articles, receiving the most comments of any one, making Pete extremely jealous. Blinded by rage and alcohol Pete comes up with a plan to kill Russ. He writes it all out, then realizes how dumb he is being, laughs about it and goes to sleep.

The next morning Russ has been murdered in the same way Pete dictated in his plan. Pete is freaking out and confides in his roomate Adam (played by Adam the Wiz), Ashley (played by Ashley Carter) and Andrew (played by Andrew Dunn). They tell him it is just a coincidence and not to worry.

Pete writes a euelogy on the website and it is the most visited and commented article on the site. Pete decides to see what happens if he hatches another plan, this time the elaborate murder of Alex by falling off a building, knife in his back, holding a signed poster of the New Kids on the Block. He writes it out, burns the plan and goes to sleep.

The next morning Alex is founded murdered with a knife in his back, holding the signed poster at the base of a building. Pete writes another euelogy which is some how more popular than the last.

At a parent teacher conference, Pete starts to get fed up with some childrens parents. He writes out murder notes, burns them goes to sleep and the next day all the jobs are done. He keeps writing posts about them all and the site becomes more and more popular.

Pete is pretty happy with how everything is going, but the site is becoming less popular with less murders. He decides that Adam has to die. He goes back to his apartment to write the letter only to discover a letter already on the desk with an elaborate plan dictating Pete’s death. Behind him in the room stands Ashley with a knife in her hand. Pete asks her what’s going on and she explains that it’s been her all along carrying out the murders. When Pete asks why Ashley says, “why not.” She starts to walk towards Pete with the knife but Pete starts to question how she was able to know the plans, they were all discarded as Ashley holds the knife up about to stab Pete, laughing the whole time as Pete starts to cower.

We cut to Tigs (me) sitting in front of a computer. “How do I finish this fake movie….oh I know.” Tigs writes out a deus ex machina of him writing the story as a fake movie for the website he publishes on with Russ, Peter and Alex. He presses publish and walks away from the computer. On the desk we see multiple murder notes dictating the deaths of Pete, Russ, Alex, Adam, Ashley and Andrew (and Colm too, why not). The lights go off and on the screen is:
The End…..?

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Enjoy your weekend!

4 thoughts on “Fake Movie Friday: Death Hits

  1. peter says:

    You crazy bastard

  2. russ says:

    tigs. is everything ok?

  3. Dunn says:

    I think Tigs might be a precog, should we be scared?

  4. Ashley says:

    The second I saw that Russ actually died and I was in this, I knew I was the killer. Although I didn’t guess Tigs was going to be the screenwriter right away.

    This is really getting into Dreamaniac territory though, and I love it.

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