Fake Movie Friday: Dee Ay Dee

Another Thursday night writing session. I was about to write the second film in the “Their Hearts Trilogy” but I’m too tired. I really want to plan out the story for parts 2 + 3. The Taft trilogy was really loosely connected but these are straight sequels. So let’s crap something out instead.

Dee Ay Dee

We start on a montage of a little girl, Rose, and her working class father, Mickey. As she grows up it’s clear she is extremely gifted. Reading everything in the house and spelling things. Her father ignores het talent as she grows up. She wins a few spelling bees as a kid in school and gets invited to nationals. Her father still doesn’t seem to care but agrees to take her.

Mickey heads to work at the coal mines and is the butt of the other worker’s jokes. Mickey doesn’t say much and keeps to himself. In the car heading to the city Rose is clearly excited, as they’ve never traveled anywhere. Still Mickey stays as stoic as always.

They arrive at the hotel that is hosting the bee and it’s a big thing. They check in and Mickey needs to wear a badge with his daughters name on it though it took a lot of convincing from Rose. They are told to head to the ballroom for a welcome lunch. Once inside Rose is elated by the food and her surroundings. She wants to run off and talk to everyone but Mickey won’t get up. He gets himself a simple plate from the buffet and eats a small amount. Other parents have grouped up and are talking loudly.

Mickey takes Rose to get their stuff into their room and she doesn’t want to go. Mickey doesn’t care and they start to leave. A news crew looking to interview contestants stops the two of them. Rose wants to stop and chat but Mickey pulls her away.

Up in the room she is angry with him for not letting her enjoy herself. He explains that they aren’t flashy people and that she should not let herself think she is better that what she is. She screams she is better and locks herself in the bathroom.

The next day they are separated as she meets the other contestants. He is sent to the parent’s room. There he is bombarded by questions from other parents. He meets neurotic and overbearing parents, rich and dismissive parents, and fancy private tutors. They all laugh as he explains he works in a mine and has never sought extra help for Rose.

In the Bee Rose starts to do well and advances. The parents pay more and more attention to Mickey as their numbers dwindle. He doesn’t seem to watch any of the competition and this baffles them. He watches as parents freak out when their children get things wrong. Rose makes it to the final five. He still doesn’t pay attention to the screens.

She gets a word wrong and is eliminated. He simple gets up and heads to get her. They get in the car and head back home. She is clearly saddened in the car. He simply tells her that she did well. She rolls her eyes, as she doesn’t believe he is genuine. He tells her that isn’t true as they pull into the driveway. She heads inside.

He walks down a small path away from the house and comes upon a grave. It is Rose’s mom. In the Oscar baiting moment for the older actor who plays Mickey, he breaks down crying at the grave. He tells his wife all about how amazing and smart their daughter is. How proud he was of her and how ashamed he is that he doesn’t know how to tell her. He tells her that he misses her and wishes she were still there to watch Rose grow up and help him be a better man yadda yadda yadda.

He turns and finds Rose watching him. She runs up to him and hugs him. They walk hand in hand back towards the house. Mickey tells Rose that her mom would be proud of her. She tells him that her mom would be proud of him too.

The End.