Fake Movie Friday: On Open Water

It’s technically Friday and I can’t sleep, so here I go. I watched not one but two television specials on the evidence for mermaids. The rest of the story about where I watched it makes the story even better but not now. Let’s do it.

On Open Water

Chris rolls into a tiny fishing village in Maine. He heads into a bar filled with the locals. A few drunks try and start some shit with him. He fights them off and this is pretty much the beginning of Star Trek.

An older captain approaches him and they talk. Captain Riggs can tell Chris is running from something. He sees it in him but needs another strong body for his boat. They are going off for a two-week fishing trip. He heads out with them and finds a few of the men from the fight are also on the boat.

He has a tough first few days. He gets hurt a few times and isn’t getting along with the rest of the crew. One night he sees something in the water but he isn’t sure what it was, though it looks like a woman. Captain Riggs invited him up to the word that means where the captain steers the boat for a drink. Riggs presses Chris for more information about his past. Chris is hush and looking out the window sees something in the water again. This time it appears to be a young boy.

He retreats below deck as the men are trading stories about the sea. Chris tries to sneak in a question about mermaids and he laughs. The men get serious and tell about how mermaids aren’t to be joked about. They may be real, none of them are real sure, what they do know is that those that see them should be worried. They appear to those who have done great wrong.

That night the sea is rough and Chris is out trying to keep the ship safe with some of the other crew. He sees the woman and child together in the water and looks terrified as he gets a better look at them. Captain Riggs catches him looking out into the water and comes to talk to him in the morning.

Riggs is worried about the weather and how some things have been going wrong. He also tells Chris how the other men have been worried about him acting strange. Riggs brings up the mermaids and Chris tries to ignore him. He says they don’t need Chris’ bad history with them on the boat.

The weather continues to be a problem and Chris is knocked out. He wakes up on deck tied up in the night. Riggs and the others are standing around him. Riggs says that they know he has been seeing the mermaids. They know it is Chris’ fault that they haven’t caught much and the weather has been awful. They pick him up and throw him over board.

Chris struggles in the water. He turns and sees the woman and child holding hands floating next to him. He relaxes a bit looking sad. The child gets up close to him and we hear the child’s voice say “Dad.” They pull him down into the dark.

The End