Fake Movie Friday: Everlasting Never

So close to glory. One week away from triumph. One more week of futility. Title comes from Tigs, the alpha to my omega, if those things are secret lovers.

Everlasting Never 

Antonius is a wealthy Roman. He’s a ladies man he we follow him a bit through old Roman times. He has sex with a ton of ladies and has some hi-jinks with angry husbands. He’s completely full of himself. He meets a priestess of some god or whatever and she makes a deal with him. She’ll grant him everlasting youth as long as he never falls in love. He takes the deal immediately. A montage follows throughout time as he leaves in the morning from a number of ladies houses.

We jump to modern times and he is a successful going by the name of Tony. He has a slightly less attractive comedic role friend who is having dinner with him. The friend is jealous of his success with woman. They joke around as we find out the friend is married. Tony talks more about how he’s never been in love. The waitress comes and drops off their food, Anthony glances at her briefly and does a slight double take. He ends up going home with a younger woman who was sitting at the bar.

He wakes up the next morning silently leaving her alone. He gets home and showers. He goes to the mirror and notices a grey hair. He starts to freak out. He heads to his friends house and tells him the truth. His friend doesn’t believe him until Tony proves it with some simple searching of important moments in the internet. His friend tells him that he guess he has found love.

He heads to find the woman from last night. He returns to her place looking for her. They start to hang out but she’s awful. He’s confused and doesn’t understand it. But continues to see her. His aging slows down a bit. Anthony doesn’t understand it. The two of them return to the restaurant they met at to double date with his friend and his wife. The same waitress serves them and Anthony double takes again. As he does his friend notices his hair graying.

He pulls Anthony aside to the bathroom. He tells him about what he saw. He doesn’t believe him. His friend asks him to think about the waitress and as he does he sees himself in the mirror. He approaches her and asks her out. She seems apprehensive about it since he’s their with a woman already. He convinces her somehow and they run out of the bar. He immediately tells her his history and confesses everything.

He stops talking about his life and the two sit. He asks her question after question about herself as the sunrises. He learns more and more about her as he ages more and more. The sun is up and she sits with his old withered body. He whispers to her thank you, saying this is the best day of his long life, lays down and disappears.